garden of sadness is my one-person project founded in 2002, in siemianowice slaskie, poland. formerly i tried to form some bands with friends, but i reached the conclusion that work alone is better for me, for various reasons. so the project began when i prepared and recorded first 4 songs and decided to spread it under the name garden of sadness (which was the name initially planned as a new name for my dark ambient project of those times) - as self-titled first demo of the project. although, the project from the very beginning was focused on my very personal negative feelings like pain, sorrow and solitude, it started as symphonic bm creation (the music i earlier listen to). shortly after, when i discovered depressive bm music and totally sink into it, it naturally changes style of my newly created compositions, because i felt that style better describes my emotions. these days, i even thought about creating a new project for a new style, but i finally decided that if my emotions are same as earlier, so it should be the same musical project too. in that way the second demo "...but always delusion" was created in 2003, being the first garden of sadness release in depressive bm style. the next few years were one of the hardest periods in project's lifetime (and my life too), when i thought many times about throw it all away and end with creating music at all - i didn't see any sense in doing anything more. hovewer, in 2006, after long and painfully birth, third demo "cage of glass" was released (some say that is the best point of my all discography, i don't know, and i don't want to rate my music in any way - it's all emotions at first place, not only music). the next years bring some doubts once again about future of the project. simultaneously with creating new material i argued with myself if it should be continued in broadly defined bm music style or maybe not (i thought about resign from metal at all and continue with something little different, but similar in atmosphere). finally i decided to stay with deppresive bm project and in 2009 full-length debut named "travesty of a human being" was released. it was also the first pro-released material (by beneath the fog productions). emotions in my music from that point became even more negative, but in a way of total hopelessness and resignation, so also the music itself has changed a bit, becoming more slow and muddy. shortly after, i received proposition from drained for split-album. i agreed and our split, with my 4 songs, was released in the same year (also by btf prod.). at this moment i engaged myself in my other, newly created projects, so work at new garden of sadness songs slow down a bit. in 2011 i received 2 propositions for another splits - first, with fluctus, where i recorded 2 songs (unfortunately this split was released just in 2014 due to some problems), and second, a 4-way split with cragataska, valefor and mourning soul, with 1 my song. after that, i back again to work on other things for some time. unfortunately (but ironically said, fortunately for my music) in 2013, very hard time and things began personally for me, so i again felt a need to escape into music and release emotions by garden of sadness. the work was complete in 2015, as second full-length "tomorrow is a black void" (released by depressive illusions records). musically it's a bit back to older times, but lyrically it's even more dealing with my own hopeless fate. in same year i also prepared compilation of my all songs from demos and splits which i participated (i though about it for long time, but i was lacking of motivation to do it earlier). just after releasing of mentioned second full-length i still felt a need to react by music to all current shit in my life, so i immediately started working on new, a little shorter material. this was released as ep in 2016 with title "martwy za życia" and can be considered as complement of previous work in some sense.