i planned this for a long time, but it's finally done. i decided to self-release a 2-cd compilation containing all of my songs from my demos and from splits which i participated.
cd1 contains "garden of sadness" demo, "...but always delusion" demo and my tracks from "fluctus/garden of sadness" split. cd2 contains "cage of glass" demo, my tracks from "recurring visions of hopelessness" split and my tracks from "the wound that never heals" split.
the compilation is named simply "garden of sadness - demos & splits" and it's released in dvd case. please be aware that this is home printed release (and printed on a little worn-out printer), so don't expect pro quality.
the cost of this compilation is 2USD/2EUR/8PLN (it's only a cost of materials). the cost of shipping (registered priority mail) is 5USD/4.5EUR (worldwide) or 6PLN (poland only). methods of payment are bank transfer (polish bank account) or paypal (ask for details).
if you are interested or have any questions - contact me (fb message or e-mail:
some photos: HERE (will open in a new window).